Module 3

Module 3
  • 37 lessons
  • 0 quizzes
  • 2 day duration


This is a Connection-with-God-is-Salah module.

Taharah (ritual purification) is discussed in detail – starting from the importance of Taharah in Islam to oral and physical hygiene, from grooming to ritual ablution and bathing.

Salah is explained as a peg in our life to bring home it’s importance – actual clothes pegs are fastened to a cloth on a clothing line so students see the bit with no peg flaps around. Each aspect of a traditional Salah book is described with contemporary parables and hands-on activities. Concentration & distraction in Salah includes talking about Shaytan and his tactics in great detail.

Time Management is included here as well as “Procrastination” as crucial habits that directly hinder the Salah habit.

Story of Yusuf (AS) is part of this module. A series of lessons on “Gender Relations” makes up the interpersonal skills category.


  • Appreciate the pivotal position of Taharahin Islam
  • Differentiate between cleanliness and ritual purification
  • Learn how to do wudu with less than 250 ml of water
  • Learn the ritual ghusl after menstruation
  • Recognize how Salah is a direct connection with Allah (SWT) and a means of balance in a person’s life
  • Learn Salah positions and words
  • Categorize mehram and non-mehram relations
  • Learn Islamic etiquettes of gender interaction
  • Learn practical tips of effective time management
  • Identify temptations and get tools to withstand them