Module 4

Module 4
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Module 4 is a thinking-beyond-today module.

It emphasizes the importance of trusting Allah (SWT) in all our affairs, how Dhikr (remembrance) of God fuels a believer’s faith and an in-depth study of Surah Al Fatihah keeps us focused on the Hereafter.

An Islamic framework of Halal & Haram gives a much needed perspective to the Shariah and clarifies myths and misconceptions about Allah (SWT)’s laws for humanity. This enables students to appreciate the long-term goals of the Shariah.

Interpersonal skills category includes “Teamwork” and detailed discussion on “Friends”. Popular Culture slot has an objective lesson on is music prohibited in Islam? How would you define music?

Surah Al Inshiqaq and Surah AzZalzalah talk about “The Beyond” in stark and vivid detail.

“Heroes” and specifically “Muslim Heroes” are included here as their vision was set way beyond just now.


  • Understand the value of purposeful planning for this world and the Hereafter
  • Recognize the signs of Sirat Al Mustaqeem
  • Identify the characteristics of those who have the blessings and favour of Allah (SWT), those who have deserved His wrath and those who have gone astray
  • Understand the meaning and purpose of Allah (SWT)’s Shariah
  • Appreciate the importance of sunnahin making Islam easy and doable
  • Learn how to handle peer pressure and other challenges when dealing with friends
  • Differentiate between good and bad peer pressure
  • Understand how sounds affect us
  • Differentiate between prohibited and allowed “music” and the rationale of the Islamic perspective