Module 5

Module 5
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Module 5 is the Haya (modesty) and Hijab module.

This module covers every popular misconception, media hype and blatant propaganda about the Islamic concept of modesty and rulings of the Islamic dress code. It presents a comprehensive discussion on these topics with evidence from the Quran (Surah AnNur and Surah Al Ahzab) and ahadith.

The module includes a detailed account of the history of the shaytan and the tactics he employs to distract human beings from Allah (SWT)’s and the Prophet (PBUHh)’s way.

Several lessons discuss Jannah (Heaven) and Jahannum (Hell) with the framework of du’a “Rabbanaaatina fid duniyahasanah…” because many Muslims today are confused about the physical reality of these final destinations and are taken in by shaytan and his supporters in undermining the fabric of Islamic ethos – Haya.

Personal development category covers “Anger Management”, “Volunteering” and “Honouring Commitments”.


  • Understand the relationship between modesty and faith
  • Appreciate that haya impacts our speech, attitude, behavior, thinking and outward appearance
  • Realize how “beauty” is defined by media and it’s manifestations in pop culture and its effects on self-image
  • Understand the meaning of awrah (must cover body parts) and what should be covered in front of whom
  • Understand the Islamic dress code for men and women
  • Sift through rhetoric and understand the ruling of head covering (Khimar) according to Surah Noor, Verse 31 and outer covering (Jilbab) according to Surah Ahzab, Verse 59
  • Understand the commandments of hijab related to attitude
  • Appreciate the rationale and wisdom behind rulings of hijab
  • Recognize mankind’s worst and most devious enemy – Shaytan
  • Identify the problem of negative anger and learn how to deal with it
  • Learn anger management techniques from the Quran and Sunnah