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Happiness is
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Say (O Muhammad): “This is my way, I invite to Allah with sure knowledge.” [Surah Yusuf: Verse 108]

Assalamu’Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh


Looking at ways to enjoy teaching and to get students actively engaged in learning?


At Perceptions, teaching deen is now going to be interactive using contemporary learning tools. We hope to enable learning by making your approach effective and environment conducive to fun with positive and simple programs.


Expanding Islamic literacy is the objective and motive behind Perceptions’ drive. Providing a wide window on topics related to basics of Islam and to some specific injunctions.


In this humble effort, we have bound ourselves to adhere to the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) to the best of our ability. We welcome any advice or feedback you may have that may help us improve our program. You can contact us at

About the Organisation

Perceptions came into existence to alleviate wrong notions and biased precepts that are all around in our communication. Misinterpretations that Muslims and others readily accept, without questioning their correctness… without knowledge and without understanding.


Perceptions thus embarked on programs for pre-teens and teenage girls to bring about a perception change or paradigm shift. The logical sequence to the success of our organized presentations in module format prompted us to make it accessible to all.


The crux of the matter is to gain Allah (SWT)’s acceptance and His pleasure. And for Him to keep our intentions pure in promoting and imparting the knowledge of Islam through the channel… the venue—we call Perceptions. This curriculum aims to:

  • Provide ready-made, well researched classes to teachers

  • Reduce class preparation time for teachers

  • Help teachers to deliver stimulating and effective lessons on varied topics

  • Help teachers to engage students in practical applications of the teachings of Islam

About the Material

It is a free teaching resource that provides power point presentations – with their transcripts, lesson plans, worksheets, supporting audios & videos and interactive packages. Materials are all organized in module formats that are defined with regards to age and/or capacity to grasp and absorb concepts. Perceptions is always ready to help and assist in designing your programs.

The Prophet (pbuh) said, “If Allah desires good for someone, He gives him understanding of the deen.” (Bukhari)

The curriculum gives the teacher a complete outline on most Islamic subjects in a presentable form with relevant support material. You can use lessons as-is or alter them according to your requirements. Your lesson plan will be as simple as selecting any topic from modules below.

Knowledge is that which benefits, not that which is memorised
~ Imam Ash Shafi’i

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