Module 1

Module 1
  • 33 lessons
  • 0 quizzes
  • 0 week duration


This is a first step to self-discovery module.

Module 1 introduces Islamic theology and scripture with topics such as “What is Islam”, “Introduction to the Quran” and “Beautiful names of Allah (SWT)”. The material emphasizes a believer’s relationship and his/her interactions with those around him/her.

Short Quranic Surahs are introduced through innovative activities. Surah Al Bayyinah’s, for example, has it’s key message in the form of ‘building a house’ exercise.

There is a strong component of personal development introduced with topics such as “90/10 Principal”, “How to have a Beautiful Mind” and “Finding Courage.” Deep-rooted spiritual diseases of “Greed” and “Lying” are also discussed in this module.


  • Understand the concept of Tauheed (Oneness of God)
  • Connect how logic leads to Tauheed
  • Understand the implications of Tauheed and how it is manifested in our daily lives, in our celebrations and entertainments
  • Appreciate Islam as a way of life – not just a set of religious rituals
  • Recognize the meaning of being Allah (SWT)’s viceroys on Earth
  • Comprehend the sync between Islam and science
  • Categorize types of lies, their implications and learn preventive and curative methods to overcome this disease
  • Differentiate between needs, wants and greed